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Q1. A watch reads 4.30 if the minute hand points east, in what direction does the hour hand point?
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Q2. Exactly how many minutes is it before seven o'clock, if 40 minutes ago it was three times as many minutes past two o'clock?
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Q3. When a clock's reflection is 2.30, what time is it really?
Q4. It was sunday on jan 1,2006. what was day of week on jan 1,2010?
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Q5. How many times the 29th of a month occur in 400 consecutive years?
Q6. What day of the week was 20th June, 1837 A.D.?
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Q7. A watch which gains uniformly is 3 minutes slow at noon on a Sunday and is 4 min. 48 secs. fast at 2p.m. on the following Sunday. When was it correct?
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Q8. Two clocks begin to strike 12 together. One strikes in 33 seconds and the other in 22 secs. What is the interval between the 6th stroke of the first and the 8th stroke of the second?
Q9. At what time between 4 and 5 will the hands of a watch point in opposite direction?
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Q10. At what time between 4 and 5 will the hands of a watch coincide?
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